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(*Updated Aug 9, 2023)

Below, you’ll find STFIL's roadmap, but first, we’ll share with you our high-level goals for STFIL Protocol in 2023:

  1. Complete the development tasks of the STFIL protocol. An excellent and innovative interest rate model is used to make up for the complex and fixed-period pledge in the Filecoin network, which leads to the low liquidity of $FIL. Publishing FVM smart contracts that are simple and reliable for users.

  2. STFIL Protocol was officially released on FVM. In a fully decentralized and automated way, all FIL holders and storage providers can participate in STFIL. Provide good APY income for FIL holders, and provide self-service and fast loan entrance for storage providers.

  3. Provide participants with the ultimate user experience, optimize interface display, enrich data content, and add lending models/schemes that are more in line with the needs of storage providers. Complete the community building of STFIL and build a powerful governance token model to attract more community contributors to participate in governance.

Q4 2022:

✔️ Release white paper V1.0

✔️ Publish the official website

✔️ Interest rate model design: variable interest rate/stable interest rate

Q1 2023:

✔️ Automate onboarding and offboarding processes

✔️ User Interface development work

✔️ Release 「Documentation Center」

✔️ First Round Security Audit - Certik

Q2 2023:

✔️ STFIL officially launched FEVM, providing deposit and loan services

✔️ 「Revenue Calculator」function launched

✔️ Support using Ledger wallet for staking and node onboarding

✔️ Support f1 wallet staking via MetaMask Flask wallet (MateLink)

✔️ Support Chinese/English switching

✔️ Release the 「Community Ambassador」 referral program

✔️ Launch StableJumper NFTs

  • ✔️ NFT whitelist

  • ✔️ NFT unboxing

✔️ Published a stable interest rate model based on 「Bezier curves」

Q3 2023:

✔️ STFIL Protocol

  • ✔️Accumulated Interest Earnings for the User

  • ✔️Accumulated Interest Payments for the Storage Provider

  • ✔️The transfer feature of FIL/stFIL supports transferring from a 0x address to f1/2/3/4/0x addresses.

  • ✔️ Collateralizing Loans for New Nodes

✔️Open DAO Community Forum

✔️ App UI Improvements

✔️Node guarantee function development

✔️Node basic information announcement

✔️Second Round Security Audit - Zokyo

✔️ Redesign of the STFIL Website

Q4 2023:

✔️ Develop Lending Pool

  • ✔️Supports multiple loan scenario expansions, such as subnet, retrieval, etc.

  • ✔️ Release of the first lending pool: Storage Provider Lending Pool(SPLP)

    • ✔️ Allow multiple nodes to form a lending pool and share positions and risks

    • ✔️ Allow SP borrowing for seal, providing 3-4x leverage

    • ✔️Allow SP borrowing and withdrawal, providing 1.5x leverage

✔️ App UI Improvements

✔️Listing of stFIL/FIL on DEX (SushiSwap)

✔️Listing of wstFIL/FIL on DEX (SushiSwap)

Q1 2024:

🔜 lunach point system

🔜 Complete the governance token (STF) design work

🔜 Protocol core contract code open source, verify contract

🔜 Complete the development of STF smart contract

🔜 Dark mode 👓

🔜 Listing of stFIL on DEX (Uniswap)

🔜 App UI Improvements

🔜 Additional Audits

Q2 2024:

  • Complete the development of the Governance contract

  • DAO community construction, open proposal and voting entrance

  • SIP (STFIL Improvement Proposal )

  • Listing of stFIL on more DEXs

  • App UI Improvements

  • Enhancing App Performance

  • Additional Audits

Q3 2024:

  • Complete the development (Safety Module) contract

  • App UI Improvements

  • Additional Audits

Q4 2024:

  • STF Token issuance

  • First Governance Vote

  • Listing of STF on CEXs

  • Launched 「fixed cycle」 deposit service

  • App UI Improvements

  • Additional Audits

*We have internal 1-year and multi-year roadmaps which we update monthly. We publish yearly roadmaps every January, and update them at least quarterly.

The roadmap is subject to change. Major features with strategic value may not be included as hinted at in the last items of future quarters. We don't want to leak too much alpha here 😏😏😏 but rest assured that we're working tirelessly to grow STFIL Protocol into a top LSD.

In addition, we always love to hear suggestions and ideas from our community members, so please join our Telegram and make your voice heard!

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