Start The Onboarding Process

Step 1: Create a lending pool

Click the "Borrow Now" button on the "Lending" page to enter the process page for creating a Lending pool.

Set some necessary parameters for the lending pool and click “Submit” to create a new lending pool:

  1. Select the lending pool type; Currently only storage providers are supported

  2. Advertise the maximum leverage of the lending pool;Please read the relevant rules carefully

  3. Set up an administrator for the lending pool;

Step 2: Choose Miner to join

After you complete the creation of the lending pool, you can click "Node Onboarding" on this page to start the Miner node onboarding process.

Enter your MinerID and click "Search".

After confirming that the relevant information about Miner is correct, click "Next".

Step 3: Signature

Please connect the lending pool administrator’s wallet address and click “Next”

Start signing using the node’s Owner address.

Because the owner address of this Miner node is multi-signature, one of them is selected to initiate the signature.

Here you can use Lotus/Ledger/Fivetoken Pro/Venus Wallet to sign. Fill in the signature results into the input box and click "Push"

After completing the signature, click "Next".The lending pool administrator approves the Miner node’s onboarding application.

Multi-signature owners may need to change wallets to continue completing the signing process.

After connecting to the administrator wallet, click "Push".

After waiting for the block confirmation, you will see a prompt that the onboarding was successful.

Finally, you will see the Miner node information on the lending pool page.

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