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StableJumper NFTs

Be a Part of the 5,000 Brave Leap and Join the Brave and Steady Journey with StableJumper NFTs!
StableJumper NFT is a collection of 5,000 NFTs on FVM, consisting of 150+ hand-drawn features. This detail is created for the community of STFIL DAO and serves as a symbol of the STFIL DAO community ambassador.
It features the image of a frog, symbolizing bravery, youthfulness, and stability. Unlike other art NFT collections, StableJumper is designed as a community-driven NFT collection aimed at providing incentives for STFIL recommendations, raising funds for the risk reserve pool, and rewarding based on the power of NFTs.
Our goal is to create a culture and community centered around strong identity and values, fostering a transparent and fair community atmosphere where NFT holders can take pride in being associated with STFIL.
Come and take a look!
Methods of acquisition:
  • Participate in referral programs and community events
  • Using FIL, you can mint StableJumper NFTs by paying a fee.
Key Points:
  • All earnings from minting NFTs are deposited into the risk reserve fund.
  • The earlier you purchase, the cheaper the NFT.
  • By staking your NFT, you will receive STFIL DAO tokens (to be launched later).
Last modified 5mo ago