🏦Introduction to Staking

Whether you’re a beginner to DeFi or a professional institutional user, STFIL Protocol offers a way for you to earn substantial profits safely while doing something as simple as holding stFIL. Compared with Defi lending platforms, you can stake FIL in STFIL Protocol to earn more competitive yields.

Such competitive APY can be sustainably achieved because STFIL Protocol offers uniquely high capital efficiency to storage providers, allowing them to open undercollateralized loans for yield farming. Therefore, compared to other protocol, our Utilization Rate is consistently higher, and storage providers have a higher acceptance of higher rates.

At the same time, this model is secure for FIL holders because, unlike other protocol, Storage Providers must offer a certain amount of collateral as a guarantee to access the loans they desire. Therefore, the use and repayment of these funds are tightly regulated by the protocol, ensuring that FIL holders receive their funds.

Our protocol has conservative and quick liquidation settings to reduce the probability of bad debts. STFIL Protocol has no stake fees, no unstake fees, and no default lockup, so you can stake and unstake at any time.

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